Beauty in the Pot at Jewel Singapore Outlet

Beauty in the Pot is more than just a restaurant; it’s a sensory journey that starts the moment you step inside. The ambiance is a perfect blend of modern elegance and cozy comfort, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Find Beauty in the Pot at Jewel Singapore

As you savor each delectable bite and relish the heartwarming conversations, you’ll find that the true beauty of Beauty in the Pot lies in the memories it creates. It’s a place where laughter is shared, stories are told, and bonds are strengthened.

So, if you’re seeking an unforgettable dining experience that awakens your senses, head over to Beauty in the Pot at Jewal Singapore. Discover the beauty in simplicity, the beauty in freshness, and the beauty in shared moments. Book your table now and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of dining.

What People Say About Beauty in the Pot


Shann WongShann Wong
13:34 31 May 24
Lee Mee provide a good customer service
Shann WongShann Wong
13:34 31 May 24
Lee Mee provide a good customer service
huiju yenhuiju yen
13:15 31 May 24
Lee mee was very attentive and helpful. Very good service
huiju yenhuiju yen
13:15 31 May 24
Lee mee was very attentive and helpful. Very good service
Justina PohJustina Poh
13:15 31 May 24
Great and attentive service at the outlet at Westgate. Lee Mee is detailed and gave my sister-in-law a surprise birthday celebration even though we did not mention of any birthday celebration during reservation.
Justina PohJustina Poh
13:15 31 May 24
Great and attentive service at the outlet at Westgate. Lee Mee is detailed and gave my sister-in-law a surprise birthday celebration even though we did not mention of any birthday celebration during reservation.
tom yentom yen
13:13 31 May 24
Thank you very much to Lee Mee for a your great service and attention to details. We had a good birthday celebration today 😁
tom yentom yen
13:13 31 May 24
Thank you very much to Lee Mee for a your great service and attention to details. We had a good birthday celebration today 😁
Yuehting YenYuehting Yen
13:13 31 May 24
Yuehting YenYuehting Yen
13:13 31 May 24
Grace LowGrace Low
11:02 17 Mar 24
2nd time dine at Wedtgate branch. Quality of the food and service as good as before. Especially the service staff Lee Mee for her cheerful, friendly and thoughtful service.
11:02 17 Mar 24
Good service Lee Mee
Kheng Swee SimKheng Swee Sim
11:12 16 Mar 24
Good food and good service by LEE MEE and also good parking space bravo 👍👍
Shelly LowShelly Low
11:05 16 Mar 24
I like dining at beauty in the pot at Westgate because I like the service bythe staff name LEE MEE and also the food excellent food and service
Low DaphneLow Daphne
11:05 16 Mar 24
Good patient staff Lee mee very helpful, and very friendly
Koen ChengKoen Cheng
10:52 12 Mar 24
Food is delicious, the staff (Lee Mee) are very kind and helpful.
daphne chiadaphne chia
11:12 07 Mar 24
Service wise HDL is head over heels, the suction around the hotpot doesn't seem to work, smell like hotpot after dinner.
• 竜龍 •• 竜龍 •
12:26 04 Mar 24
The food here was nice and authentic. What made me astonished was the use of ACTUAL ginseng! The flavour of the soup base was rich and was quite fitting with the meats and noodles we ordered along. Special thanks to Lee Mee, the waitress who served us that night for her astonishing service and recommendations. And special thanks to Kar Loke for his recommendations, professionalism and as well as service.
I am MeI am Me
05:59 02 Mar 24
The nice young male server was very friendly! We gave him a small ang pow tip & he was pleasantly surprised. Also wrote feedback for him but I forgot his name to put it here. Food is as usual yummy at BIAP. We love the collagen soup! BIAP collagen soup is da bomb & so far we have collagen soup at many eateries but none comparable to BIAP. Just that the appetizers were not as full as the branch at Kinex & Jewel.
Isaac ChungIsaac Chung
13:24 01 Mar 24
Lim KennyLim Kenny
11:53 28 Feb 24
Food are good, services are also wonderful, waitress Ms. Lee Mee is very friendly and helpful, she have done her job well!
Ariesmin YeoAriesmin Yeo
11:52 28 Feb 24
Luke CaiLuke Cai
07:02 25 Feb 24
Collagen soup is nice
Hugo TanHugo Tan
07:02 25 Feb 24
Maggie ChanMaggie Chan
05:00 25 Feb 24
J AlJ Al
04:54 25 Feb 24
Today lunch was great. The staffs were friendly and nice. Loved the drunken prawns as always. Not to forget the special toothpicks too.
Irene LowIrene Low
12:58 23 Feb 24
This is our favourite place. We simply love the food and the service. Would like to compliment staff Chen Chen. She is so attentive and patient. Always putting a smile on her face. Keep up the smile and good service.
Cheehao GanCheehao Gan
09:32 19 Feb 24
Anthony OngAnthony Ong
05:57 19 Feb 24
Pris WongPris Wong
05:52 19 Feb 24
All good. Aircon too cold only
Tan Hong JoonTan Hong Joon
05:47 19 Feb 24
04:28 13 Feb 24
Michelle TanMichelle Tan
13:16 12 Feb 24
Service was fantastic. Food wise, similar across the other outlets.
Weiying SimWeiying Sim
13:34 07 Feb 24
Amazing place, love it!
Edoardo KimEdoardo Kim
13:33 07 Feb 24
It's so delicious, such a great restaurantWeiying I love you, you are mine
jee kai tanjee kai tan
10:22 07 Feb 24
Goh Lai ChiengGoh Lai Chieng
06:04 06 Feb 24
nice good nice placewei min service is good
Alize NgAlize Ng
14:58 05 Feb 24
Visited the restaurant today for the first time. The attentive service and fresh food was really commendable! 👍🏻 the staffs were very helpful, and even offered us desserts when we didn’t ask for it. We’ll come more often next time. 😄
Phang JenniferPhang Jennifer
13:36 05 Feb 24
13:35 05 Feb 24
Service is good👍
Kenny TanKenny Tan
18:20 25 Jan 24
I had dinner here with my friend a few days ago. I just opened Maps and then I remembered that I should leave a review. Here, the function of the soup base is introduced, and the cooking time is also mentioned when serving the dish. He also came over to help us remove the foam and cook the noodles. The food is generally good, as is the service, especially the male waiter named Chun (it's been a few days, I forgot his name, I just remember the name tag has Chun) who will take the initiative to help We cooked noodles, added soup and water, and finally asked if we wanted dessert and ice cream.The only thing is that because my friend is not a booker, he said that the walk-in only has an hour and a half for dining, but it's okay, but I may feel a little rushed to eat.
Daryl HengDaryl Heng
11:43 25 Jan 24
Lee Mee exceptional service truly made our experience memorable. Thank you for your dedication and attention to detail!
S HuangS Huang
15:33 22 Jan 24
Piow PiowPiow Piow
02:50 19 Jan 24
Great service, friendly and responsive crews.
Megan ShermanMegan Sherman
13:00 18 Jan 24
Quality food and hygenic.Comfortable and clean environment.Heart-warming service from Mee Yee with scarf, dessert , ice cream and birthday cake.
ML TodayML Today
12:54 15 Jan 24
Their service is attentive, friendly, and efficient, especially to a waitress named Chen Chen 😃 Please maintain the positive attitude contribute to a memorable dining experience! 🤩
Patrick KamPatrick Kam
17:35 13 Jan 24
It's my first time to be there. I'm lucky to get a table after 10 min registered and waiting.The food there was good but on the high side, service also good very helpful staff and fast response to requests.We enjoy the food there very much.
07:09 11 Jan 24
The worst Beauty in the pot.. bad quality of collagen soup. The tofu is sour. They refuse to admit.. just change the soup base n the "what ever " which inside the soup.. no other compensation..Upon payment.. then they asked so the 2nd pot still sour ... ya .. still have but better than the 1st round .. then they only waived off that soup base.. around sgd 17
Clemence KngClemence Kng
03:21 09 Jan 24
This chain is one of my go to places for hotpot. First time trying the one at Westgate and was severely unimpressed. Cleanliness did not seem up to par, they seemed very short staffed and that may have affected how delicious we found the food. Our experiences at the one at vivo and star vista was a lot better
Alfred TayAlfred Tay
08:24 08 Jan 24
Amazing ShitAmazing Shit
11:43 05 Jan 24
14:02 31 Dec 23
Lee Mee was our server of the day, she was very nice and friendly, offering toys for my kid. She was very fast and efficient in serving and responding to our request. So lucky to be serve by her.
16:49 23 Dec 23
07:46 23 Dec 23
3.5 star. Fast service
Wong Xin RuWong Xin Ru
03:44 23 Dec 23
I so like there all the service and the experience also very good
Yeap JoanneYeap Joanne
02:58 23 Dec 23
Kelvin VoonMCKelvin VoonMC
02:32 23 Dec 23
The ambiance is elegant and the experience here is exceptional. The variety of fresh ingredients and flavourful broths makes it a delightful dining choice. the staff are friendly and attentive ensuring a wonderful dining experience!
Andrew ColicoAndrew Colico
15:13 17 Dec 23
Jasmine AngJasmine Ang
12:15 16 Dec 23
My family and I recently had a delightful dining experience at Beauty in the Pot, and I want to commend the exceptional service provided by Chia Hsuan at Westgate Outlet. His attentiveness and friendly demeanor enhanced our meal, making it a truly enjoyable evening. We appreciate the outstanding service Chia Hsuan provided, and it certainly contributed to making our visit memorable. 🙂
Lin Jin HuaLin Jin Hua
07:46 15 Dec 23
zhong xiuhuizhong xiuhui
07:45 15 Dec 23
Food is fresh and the theme is all pink. So lady like .awesome service
cai feng hancai feng han
07:44 15 Dec 23
Jason HoJason Ho
02:57 11 Dec 23
Great soup! Drunkern prawns are amazing
09:57 10 Dec 23
Lee mee was my table service staff. Polite, attentive and professional. They looks short staffed but overall she took care of our dinner time there and service was satisfactory! She had the patience for kids too.
Kim ChenKim Chen
13:29 03 Dec 23
The lunch set for 2 is a little small set, best to add a dish or 2.
Bliss AngBliss Ang
11:34 19 Nov 23
The collagen soup is great as usual! You can see generous amounts of dried scallops in the soup base.Love the appetisers too! Picked radish and papaya with pineapple were my favourites!When the picked radish ran out, the very helpful server Ms. Lee Mee came to pass us a huge bowl. Kudos to her service.The only reason why "Atmosphere" didn't get 5 stars is because the Aircon was a tad too cold - not that it was cold overall but it was blasting at certain spots and particularly where we were seated.Will definitely be back again!
william tanwilliam tan
02:54 17 Nov 23
Went for lunch and order the set. Ordered the collagen soup and the herbal drunken chicken soup. These two are my recommended base even though the chicken soup is better for drinking(for myself)Free flow snack bar and sauce bar like HDL.Food serving are bit small but quite full.Surprise came with ice cream and a small jug of shaved ice which is good for washing down the food.100% Will come back again for lunch and my special thanks to WeiWei for being attentive and explain to me about how long to cook for the dishes👍
Farrand HeyFarrand Hey
13:06 12 Nov 23
Food is fresh. Soup is tasty. And there is something additive about the sauces.Can't comment about the price as it was a treat.Service is fine but could a bit more attentive and friendly. The wait staff does have a tad too sullen expression.
Pee Teck ChiaPee Teck Chia
17:43 11 Nov 23
Chloe GohChloe Goh
05:05 09 Nov 23
Weekdays value lunch set is worth it. Super customer service especially one of the staff, Wei Jun, who is very attentive and always smiling. Seeing that we have difficulty in handling the noodles, he brought us a pair if scissors. Thank you.Overall a pleasant experience. All customer service staff deserve 5 stars.
Jason TanJason Tan
13:18 08 Nov 23
10:10 06 Nov 23
got the duo lunch set, NOT WORTH. the portion of meat given is so pathetic??? literally 5 pieces of each meat and this is for 2 pax..? i think ordering individually would be more worth… and oso i think cus we ordered the so called “value set” there was no service…???? only when i added on other items then they service us… horrible!!!
Yu Shan LeongYu Shan Leong
16:13 03 Nov 23
I visited with a 7pm reservation for 4 pax on 2 Nov 2023. I would like to commend Kar Loke who made our dining experience ever more enjoyable. My friends and I have frequented Bitp Westgate since it opened. Service standard varies. However, Kar Loke definitely stood out. He was very attentive, efficient and friendly. We hope that he will continue to keep up the good work and get rewarded for his efforts!
Jojo TanJojo Tan
01:51 27 Oct 23
Kelly CheongKelly Cheong
06:00 15 Oct 23
had early dinner with family here. service the Staff was amazing.
E P Ruo QiE P Ruo Qi
09:08 12 Oct 23
Avoid peak hours walk in. Waiting time can be long.Other than this, everything was good for our last dine in with them.There is a small play area for the kids to keep them busy 🤣
11:25 06 Oct 23
The interior of the store is pink, which gives it a lovely feel.You can choose from up to four flavors of soup for your hotpot, and you can freely mix your own dipping sauce from among a wide variety.Order from your tablet.The quality of the ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and tofu was high.It was a shame that they only had sweet tea.
16:16 05 Oct 23
The soup base is very rich, the ingredients are very fresh, and the service is very good~~
20:00 04 Oct 23
Everything is perfect! The service from the staff is attentive and the food is of top quality. Especially recommend the caviar and shrimp paste, served with tomato soup base. Very delicious and worth a try.
Kyle LooiKyle Looi
07:14 03 Oct 23
We came here for a birthday celebration. I enjoyed the collagen soup and food here such as the udon noodles, pork jowl.However, the service was extremely disappointing and uncalled for, especially when celebrating a beloved one’s birthday.1) The staff was less concerned about their service than the 90 mins time limit. We were seated late, food came slow, and did not have much time to finish the food.2) The staff had insisted on throwing in our ingredients into the soup near the time limit.3) The staff started to serve the desserts in a patronising manner while we were scooping the broth, putting it in front of us making it less comfortable for us.It might have been an outlet issue - a busy day for the less welcoming staff. However, it would be better not to take the risk, and instead enjoy other hot pots like HDL for a similar price.
09:15 28 Sep 23
kua kailikua kaili
10:15 22 Sep 23
Very delicious and good service attitude🥰
Rachel KohRachel Koh
09:56 16 Sep 23
Always love coming back for service and good food
Hoch LimHoch Lim
01:04 06 Sep 23
Good spread of food items to choose from. Very attentive service staff, nice dining ambience, easy accessible via train and other public transport.
Joshua AngJoshua Ang
07:04 27 Aug 23
The beauty in the pot experience you come to expect
Choy Yew SangChoy Yew Sang
05:58 15 Aug 23
Samuel NgSamuel Ng
01:57 11 Aug 23
I have eaten at Buona Vista outlet many times and the consistency in food quality has never changed. My review is about the first time I rode to outlet in escooter as I can no longer walk.There’s absolutely no fuss in the waitress reaction like in other restaurants. I could ride behind her and follow her. She brought me to a table, removed a side table and asked me to park there next to a seat! This is first class service and gets my respect.
CK TanCK Tan
07:50 09 Aug 23
Walk in on 09 Aug 2023 at around 3pm. There is no queue ahead of us so waiting time is less than one minute.Upon proceeding to the dining hall, the ambience is very nice.The food quality is very fresh and the collagen soup is very nice and tasty.Overall experience is good but customer service is ok only as the service staff seldom come to our table to clear the used plate and bowl.Will return to dine in if happen to drop by.
Alan ChanAlan Chan
03:34 26 Jul 23
13:25 21 Apr 23
Been to this place for few times, food quality is consistent; my go to place for soup hot pot. Best with prime beef slice *slurpDumpling, prawn paste & bean curd skin are must ordered dish as well, great with either of the soup base.I find that recently may be very packed & the staff can be pretty occupied. Staff was helpful, my phone battery went flat & they are kind enough to help me charging my phone so after I finish my meal, the phone is charged to 50%, good for me to continue using.The complimentary ice blended yuzu is refreshing.
tran justintran justin
18:55 22 Mar 23
This is the best service in hotpot restaurant in Singapore. Food is very nice and fresh. Menu got a lot of items to order. We have plenty of complementary food. I do like Yuzu dessert 🍨. I think I will be regular customer this shop 😁
14:54 29 Dec 22
Ordered the collagen soup and spicy soup. The spicy one has a really good punch. Not recommended for those who can’t take spicy. But the collagen soup is very tasty.The wait staff are fast and efficient. Comparing with their main competitor, they lack in the food variety, service, dessert and condiments section seeing that the price is also “competitive”.Would I visit again? Honestly, I would visit the competitor because they feel more “worth it”.
Tan Li HuiTan Li Hui
13:33 28 May 24
Charmaine TanCharmaine Tan
13:33 28 May 24
Good service 😃
05:52 21 May 24
The food is really good and birthday service is also available. There are also delicious desserts
Seowhong SimSeowhong Sim
05:41 21 May 24
Flo YeowFlo Yeow
04:20 18 May 24
Hot pot is always something that I enjoy regardless. Whether it's the wide variety of sauces, the collagen soup, or the fish tofu. These are all what they're known for at BIAP, under the Paradise group.That all said, to be honest, I have been to better BIAP outlets. This outlet at Jewel feels a little too commercialized, trying to do too much with too little. Everything feels very rushed, crowded, and tight. It's only because we came from a flight, that's why we chose to have our dinner here.
Hazel LimHazel Lim
11:12 17 Mar 24
Good service and food quality.
June WongJune Wong
11:12 17 Mar 24
The service and food at the Jewel branch was excellent with really nice atmosphere. Definitely my go to branch for beauty in the pot!
Jan LowJan Low
10:48 17 Mar 24
Ger CGer C
05:52 17 Mar 24
Celebrated a birthday here and the experience was wonderful. Kudos to HuaDuo and team for making this celebration extra special.
Have to try!!!
Anthony ChongAnthony Chong
12:07 10 Mar 24
The collagen soup is better tasting than competitor and the tomato soup added in corn to counter the acidity.Overall this is a very nice food place..The server shawn, Hefa and siew Ping are very attentive and friendly.Top notch...
Kelly LimKelly Lim
07:53 10 Mar 24
Kripkenstein LudwigKripkenstein Ludwig
06:55 10 Mar 24
Service provided by Huaduo is top notch!!! She is very friendly and accommodated all our requests, thanks Huaduo!!!!!
Nick BaeyNick Baey
06:17 10 Mar 24
My favourite outlet.
Ruixin LimRuixin Lim
06:00 10 Mar 24
Attentive staff and prompt service
Ooi PCOoi PC
06:31 02 Mar 24
Staff very friendly and atmosphere good at Jewel outlet
ed wined win
10:51 01 Mar 24
Gabriel AngGabriel Ang
08:38 01 Mar 24
07:57 01 Mar 24
Em LowEm Low
07:49 01 Mar 24
Great service from service crew and nice food as usual
Neo JeanneNeo Jeanne
12:26 25 Feb 24
Tay Hiang HweeTay Hiang Hwee
12:09 25 Feb 24
Very helpful lady, xin hui.
Dm Team GoalsDm Team Goals
11:16 25 Feb 24
Xin Hui was good in her service. She was prompt and she knows what we needed.
Boey KokBoey Kok
10:47 25 Feb 24
raymond rusliraymond rusli
10:36 25 Feb 24
Xin hui gv us a very nice service
Chee Vui HiewChee Vui Hiew
11:47 18 Feb 24
Thank you Xin Hui for serving us during our dinner session.
Koh JipweeKoh Jipwee
11:07 18 Feb 24
Good Service and Food!Served by Xin Hui.Well Recommended, thanks!
Vickie NgVickie Ng
10:49 18 Feb 24
Reny ThamReny Tham
10:36 18 Feb 24
Xinhui is awesome! SuiBin also!
De Jun PuanDe Jun Puan
10:32 18 Feb 24
Fui Ming ChangFui Ming Chang
10:18 08 Feb 24
Nice food with good service , shrimp pastes is a must try!
Huimin KwokHuimin Kwok
10:29 06 Feb 24
Excellent service and attention to detail to ensure that our broth remained clear. Appreciate the service!
Ashima SharmaAshima Sharma
06:07 06 Feb 24
hamon shenhamon shen
05:46 06 Feb 24
Service was excellent and food was good
Pheno KangPheno Kang
13:37 05 Feb 24
Good environment and service…Food is good
Kai Yan LimKai Yan Lim
04:04 04 Feb 24
Staff is very friendly and helpful. Food is wonderful as usual. Always enjoy dining at Beauty In The Pot.
Bruce OngBruce Ong
05:29 03 Feb 24
Very good customer service. Food quality is good
Wong ChermaineWong Chermaine
10:52 02 Feb 24
The service was great and the food was delicious
Sand LSand L
09:02 02 Feb 24
The service staff are very attentive.
Royston BoeyRoyston Boey
08:51 02 Feb 24
Wonderful stuff and services, fresh ingredients and very detail instructions to cook. very nice place to enjoy hot pot with friends.
13:18 23 Jan 24
YongSoon LeeYongSoon Lee
04:42 23 Jan 24
derek neoderek neo
05:13 21 Jan 24
Very good collagen broth, extremely tasty. Ingredients are fresh and generous, and the sauces are absolutely delicious. Service staff is friendly and the atmosphere is nice and kid friendly as well!
kahwai chankahwai chan
03:19 20 Jan 24
Is nice hot pot 🥳
03:18 20 Jan 24
The beauty perm is delicious, the ingredients are fresh, and the service is considerate
Châu Nguyễn MinhChâu Nguyễn Minh
03:18 20 Jan 24
Eik Sen ChongEik Sen Chong
03:17 20 Jan 24
Novi ChiaNovi Chia
07:14 13 Jan 24
Sky KSky K
12:44 03 Jan 24
This is by far the worst hot pot experience I have in SG. The front counter don't bother to greet and ask you to wait even seeing you standing right in front of him. The waitresses bang onto the baby chair a few times and yet they will tell you to becareful when there is only 1 place to put the baby chair. Self service to refill the soup because all of them just so busy and no time to serve. Even drinks also will be no time to refill.
Danny TantraDanny Tantra
15:20 02 Jan 24
Edi RusliEdi Rusli
16:31 27 Dec 23
good service, good food
Alexander ngAlexander ng
01:54 25 Dec 23
Jia Shing ChinJia Shing Chin
01:00 25 Dec 23
gabriel teogabriel teo
05:28 23 Dec 23
Good service as usual and good food
Yeo Meng hanYeo Meng han
05:22 23 Dec 23
Very nice place for meals… got a playground for the kids!!! The adults could talk and enjoy the meals
Yuan Zhen LauYuan Zhen Lau
12:43 19 Dec 23
Kids friendly, good service and quality food.
14:37 15 Dec 23
2nd time at this place but service is good. They helped out the prawn paste in both the soup. Collegen soup was good but the spicy soup a bit too oily. Meat portion is OK. Condiments not worth the value - $4.50 per paxLamien probably our fault, a bit overcooked😜. Will go back for next celebration! Nice size cake and dessert! 👍.They shud keep membership FREE for life! If expired, need to pay😕
Covan TaiCovan Tai
07:56 30 Nov 23
Nice soup base + fresh food = Good
Zaw KyawZaw Kyaw
07:27 30 Nov 23
The staff service from Xiu Zhi were exceptional. She patiently guided us through the ordering process as it was our first time here. The collagen broth was packed with flavor striking a perfect balance between bold and comforting. I'm already counting down the days until my next visit.
Alan KoekAlan Koek
15:47 27 Nov 23
The collagen broth is still the best in my opinion
Cha CapilloCha Capillo
00:33 22 Nov 23
Highly recommended ❤️❤️❤️
Joycelyn YikJoycelyn Yik
06:26 18 Nov 23
We went to eat there and if we book, the que was not that long. The food was excellent and I enjoyed it alot. I went with my mother and sister and enjoyed the food, very filling! It was also a very fun experience to cook our own food.although the staff did not immediately serve us which is understandable, it was really crowded which shows it is worth the time and money ! ☺️☺️☺️🙏🙏🙏☺️☺️🙏☺️🙏😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😃😄😀😃😄😀😃
Gaius LeongGaius Leong
04:28 18 Nov 23
Out of the three BITP I've been to, namely Vivo, Centrepoint and Jewel Changi, Jewel Changi's broth recipe is, by a mile, the best. Food dishes were same same. Spicy nourishing soup extra spicy and collagen broth soups were beyond excellent, somehow.I even had the soup packed for takeaway because it was so amazing. Vivocity better buck up.
07:33 13 Nov 23
charger doesnt work noisy
Kaiyin ChiaKaiyin Chia
04:40 13 Nov 23
Food was great but the service wasn’t. 🙁 was there for dinner last night and staffs were not attentive. Very disappointing … don’t go during peak hours!
SZ LimSZ Lim
12:09 11 Nov 23
We have always wanted to try beauty in a pot. Heard alot about the collagen hot pot.Went around 2.30pm and it was half full. Quite surprised since I would have thought it would be more or less empty.Service was good. The waiter obliged to give us a quiet spot where we could place our baby, and the waitresses were good at explaining and introducing their popular orders. Very clear on what the shop has and was sincere and polite the whole time. Even when there were some out of the norm requests by my old parents, I could see they were surprised, but they obliged and were professional about it.For the soup base, we chose the twin pot, since the final price is more or less similar to the single pot. We tried the collagen broth and the spicy pork broth. Both tasted rich and savory.The ingredients came fresh, and the staff notified us how long each ingredient should be cooked. Which was something I found good. One eye opening ingredient was the fish tofu, whereby each piece cost SGD 3. Not sure why tofu would be so expensive but we tried it anyway. Let's just say the taste is something new.All in all, it was a great experience to dine there. Me and my family had a great time. And kudos to the staff there. Being at the Frontline of singapore's tourism must not be easy. Keep up the good job!
Hungry HeartHungry Heart
12:01 09 Nov 23
Another great place for steamboat. The prices for the soup base may be more expensive as there is no clear water (清水) option. We usually go for twin pot with the collagen broth and spicy nourishing broth. My top 3 items: sliced pork belly, pork and chive dumplings, and handmade udon noodle. The ingredients were so fresh and went so well with the broth that no sauces / condiments needed.
Olivia HuangOlivia Huang
13:56 08 Nov 23
Came here with family for a birthday celebration. Service was good and staff were friendly and attentive. Our kids enjoyed the playground inside, and were given free balloons too. We were also given complimentary cake after dinner. Food was good and we enjoyed the collagen broth. The kids also enjoyed the food. The ambience is nice and the place is spacious.
Yee Chen LimYee Chen Lim
10:14 05 Nov 23
This branch of beauty in the pot is a total disappointment. We booked a table on our flight and immediately rushed down to the restaurant after retrieving our bags.Service was dull from start to finish. Bowls are not properly cleaned and staff are extremely inattentive. It took me around 5 mins raising my hand to capture the attention of a ground staff. Even the cleaner could not help me capture their attention. Soup refill was also not served to our table from the start so we could not help ourselves.The meal ended with an extremely sweet version of dessert which we ended up not finishing it. I have patronize beauty in the pot at other branches many times so I know this is not their usual standard, but I will now avoid this branch at all cost.
13:17 02 Nov 23
The service attitude is very poor. Shui didn't ask but raised his hand and pretended not to notice. No one served me the whole time. So what's the point of paying me a service fee?
simon pongsimon pong
14:22 21 Oct 23
visited beauty in the pot at jewel today for dinner after making a reservation for 8.30pm. all the side dishes were not refilled and most were empty by around 9pm. i asked the waiter if it was possible for them to refill because i paid a total of $4.50 for the sides and would be a waste of money to pay $4.50 to not be able to get any sides. the waiter told me they ran out of side dishes and did not have anything to refill. if this is the case, i suggest the company to tell customers that there will not be enough side dishes so customers are aware.
Always a great dining experience at Beauty in The Pot. Delicious spicy nourishing and beauty collagen broth with fresh meats and vegetables at reasonable prices. I always look forward to the free Yuzu dessert served after our meal!
Mr .L (Garnet)Mr .L (Garnet)
17:29 11 Oct 23
A bit noisy even after 12AM.After 10pm, dining from 10pm onwards to 3AM has a 20% discount making it great for if your departing flight does not offer meals. Bare in mind fruit plate has a charge.
Chris ChangersChris Changers
13:52 10 Oct 23
Was here for dinner and WEI HONG provided the best service ever! Made our entire dinner experience so much better! Food was great but service was fantastic 👍
Ben TanBen Tan
09:07 10 Oct 23
Very helpful and attentive service. Would come again 🙂
chengboon tradingchengboon trading
07:59 10 Oct 23
The service here is great. I had a great experience.
Tan Hock HinTan Hock Hin
11:40 01 Oct 23
The dining experience was great and the food was delicious. Thank you to the manager and his team. They are so thoughtful, and very enthusiastic when celebrating my family birthday
04:37 01 Oct 23
It has been a while since I last ate here, I had high expectations for their condiments/side dish corner which was chargeable per person of $4.80++ I was expecting more of it. Make me crave for HDL Mushroom side dish now.Overall food was fresh and broth was good
Wendy TanWendy Tan
07:04 27 Sep 23
Great service from Mei See & Khai Chin 🤩
Wendy LextonWendy Lexton
07:03 27 Sep 23
Wendy Tan Hui YingWendy Tan Hui Ying
07:03 27 Sep 23
Cynthia LeeCynthia Lee
13:45 22 Sep 23
The lady that served our table was very good and detailed with her service, with a very good attitude. Her name is XiuZhi.
Andy LimAndy Lim
05:22 22 Sep 23
XiuZhi is our server and she is attentive to our needs at all times throughout. As we are celebrating a birthday, she is super friendly to help us take photo of us with different poses. Will definitely return again! 🙂
Biochemical WarBiochemical War
11:31 20 Sep 23
Xiuzhi is a very good staff
Pamela Esther GohPamela Esther Goh
13:29 17 Sep 23
Nice experience and good service. Can do with more large tables that can accommodate large groups of customers.
Leon ChanLeon Chan
16:02 16 Sep 23
0 service from the staff. understand that these premium hotpot places charge a premium for their food ingredients due to the services that you're entitled to at the restaurant. this particular outlet gave no said service, requests were slow and side dish bar was barren
Nicole NgNicole Ng
12:49 12 Sep 23
Came back to Beauty in the pot @ Jewel again. The service is really great, fast and efficient. Food quality is delicious.
Leon LiangLeon Liang
05:47 07 Sep 23
Excellent food. They provided a free flow Yuzu slushy dessert at the end which completed the wonderful dining experience!
Peiiying LeePeiiying Lee
13:27 03 Sep 23
Jian Ming GohJian Ming Goh
13:25 03 Sep 23
Joleen NgJoleen Ng
13:25 03 Sep 23
Awesome food & service. Highly recommend!
Kelvin PekKelvin Pek
11:59 03 Sep 23
Frederique De SousaFrederique De Sousa
02:33 09 Aug 23
Nice hotpot place located in Jewel.The place is well decorated and has many seating which can accommodate big groups of 10 peopleThe staff is very friendly and professionalThe food is delicious, a lots of broths are available depending on your preference.You can have a maximum of 4 broths per table.
Olivia VictoriusOlivia Victorius
09:01 27 Jul 23
So good! High quality food. Every item we ordered are good. Friendly service. The collagen soup is definitely must have! I like to order 1 full collagen soup. The drunken tiger prawn is really good. But would recommend to add it in very last, since it has alcohol, it will change the broth’s flavour.
tarah shawtarah shaw
09:15 12 Apr 23
Absolutely Wonderful Dining Experience!10/10The food, atmosphere, service were Amazing, the Vibe was on!Dined with hubby and kids, on our last stop before heading home to Australia!Wish we had one of these in Aus!I really enjoyed the Collagen Broth, with sides of mushrooms, spinach, cabbage and dumplings and pork belly slicesThe Herbal tea was Delicious tooExtremely Happy with this experience
14:34 26 Mar 23
We made a reservation on the phone before heading down. Be on time. Otherwise, your reservation will be cancelled.Service was ok, not excellent. Ingredients were very fresh & portion was ok. The soup base was awesome. We had Collagen & Mala soup. But after drinking quite a fair bit of soup, we had palpitation. Probably due to high amount of MSG. Would have given a 5 stars if we didn't experience this.
Eugene GohEugene Goh
01:34 05 Jun 22
One of my go-to favorite locations for hotpot. They recently allow the self-serve for condiments after relaxed measures were announced. Which is great coz we can pick our own appetizers and the proportion of condiments :)Food standard is good, service and ambience is great. Best of all, they provide the palette cleanser or sorts - yuzi slushy. Now that's yummylicious! 😂Beware of the parking rates at Jewel. Can be exorbitant just for a few hours.
Henky SulistyoHenky Sulistyo
05:30 20 May 24
17:44 10 Apr 24
justin tanjustin tan
00:46 26 Mar 24
Price experience score (pes) 5.5/10Parking available mallservice greatFood okAmbiance niceCr at mall
Isaac C. EagleIsaac C. Eagle
05:48 16 Mar 24
Better than Hai Di Lao!!!
Timotius LimandraTimotius Limandra
17:04 14 Mar 24
17:02 14 Mar 24
Beauty in The Pot at The Centrepoint in Singapore offers a delightful dining experience. As a first-time diner, I was impressed by the spaciousness of the room, which added to the overall ambiance. The restaurant's interior design, particularly the small cool room, was a unique touch that enhanced the dining atmosphere. 😊The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the food. Each dish was expertly prepared and bursting with flavor. From the succulent meats to the fresh vegetables and delectable broths, every bite was a delight to the taste buds. It's evident that the chefs at Beauty in The Pot take great care in sourcing and preparing their ingredients. 😋The service was also commendable. The staff were attentive and friendly, ensuring that our dining experience was smooth and enjoyable. They were knowledgeable about the menu and offered helpful recommendations, adding a personal touch to the service. Overall, the staff's professionalism contributed to a memorable evening. 👍I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience at Beauty in The Pot and will definitely be returning. The combination of excellent food, inviting atmosphere, and top-notch service makes it a standout choice for anyone seeking a memorable meal in Singapore. Whether dining with friends, family, or colleagues, Beauty in The Pot at The Centrepoint is sure to impress. I look forward to my next visit! 😊
Carol NgCarol Ng
10:46 12 Mar 24
Awesome experience and friendly staff served by XiaoMin
Huu Minh TranHuu Minh Tran
14:54 10 Mar 24
By far the best Hot Pot in Singapore. Service is great food is fresh. There is a nice little ballpit playground for kids to play as well. But the service is by far the best. Only minus is that it’s almost impossible to walk-in on busy peak periods and when it is very busy sometimes the floors are slippery.
08:32 04 Mar 24
Used to love their collagen soup base but somehow I think their standard dropped tremendously. Those collagen soup you find in NTUC is even better.Great atmosphere, service was ok.
Jon SongJon Song
13:35 28 Feb 24
Made a booking before hand so we didn't even have to queue.The food at BITP is verbally very good and value for money. Some say even better than the counterpart HDLCondensed milk with fried bun is always abit side dish. The fried buns just hit home so well .The beef was well marbled for it's price point and the soup bases here are all amazing too
Koh JeeHuiKoh JeeHui
12:45 20 Feb 24
Not my first time here, but love the food and the service was great!
Jaime HonJaime Hon
12:43 20 Feb 24
Nice food, environment and service.
Yosmite BearYosmite Bear
12:43 20 Feb 24
Good Food especially the chicken soup!
12:42 20 Feb 24
Yap WeiYap Wei
13:34 19 Feb 24
Brian TayBrian Tay
07:38 14 Feb 24
wanwei qiuwanwei qiu
07:00 14 Feb 24
Beauty in the Pot service so naise!!! Fresh vegetables, hot mantou, chewy meat 🍖 Food so delicious! Thank you Yu Jie for serving us and giving us Valentines gift 💕 情人节快乐!
Annie LAnnie L
06:58 14 Feb 24
Amazing customer service! Yue Jie was very friendly 🥰 Love their collagen soup as always!
Jimmy YEOJimmy YEO
07:31 11 Feb 24
The waiting time for the reception staff to attend to me is a bit slow. It's no queue at all.For foods, it's not too bad, but the beef combo I've ordered is not well prepared. The beef codes are totally "iced". they should not be in this way.I will give a 2.5 star on the Pricing, as it's almost the same as their competitors, so nothing is better than them.Unless the foods are so special that others can't copy, if all are the same, then what are the differences ?
Anzir MohammedAnzir Mohammed
13:34 06 Feb 24
09:12 06 Feb 24
Nice food
Simin LimSimin Lim
07:38 04 Feb 24
Kenneth SeahKenneth Seah
11:36 03 Feb 24
Food and service is good. Good price. Ya Nan service is damn good too. Best.
05:43 01 Feb 24
Janet PohJanet Poh
13:53 28 Jan 24
Service and food quality is top-notched here. Always our favourite outlet to enjoy our hotpot meal! The staff are so friendly, efficient and helpful makes our meal so much more enjoyable.
Monica K.Monica K.
12:04 22 Jan 24
Ninja BulbasaurNinja Bulbasaur
16:18 20 Jan 24
Thank you ShiKai for serving me and my boyfriend!! Attentive server and v friendly, 謝謝你!
hendra Gunawanhendra Gunawan
01:15 20 Jan 24
Dru LuDru Lu
11:40 09 Jan 24
Pretty good experience. The price point is higher than I expected. Maybe I didn’t order well but it came out around $90 per pax. Or maybe that’s just the going rate to have hot pot in Singapore now days. I do however like that they have a small playground for kids to kill some time and let the adults eat in peace 😮‍💨
Bdn SptBdn Spt
07:07 09 Jan 24
06:08 08 Jan 24
Horrible meat quality. All the meats arrived frozen. Beef balls the most disgusting item.
Yui KanazawaYui Kanazawa
13:29 07 Jan 24
delicious. However, lunch for three adults was $220 a la carte without alcohol. It can't be helped that I ate so much, but it really felt like Singapore.
spherical heartspherical heart
03:32 07 Jan 24
one of my favourite hotpot places. soup bases and dishes are always fresh and delicious. always order the collagen soup, tomato soup and fried beancurd skin.
Ivan TeoIvan Teo
02:54 03 Jan 24
A great place for hotpot dining. It is somewhat similar to Haidilao with nice tasty food and good service. Overall a satisfied dining experience
Yong ChrisYong Chris
06:38 02 Jan 24
The food are nice~ must booked beforehand, its alwalys crowded...
13:20 01 Jan 24
The service was very good.
Shirley WShirley W
08:14 01 Jan 24
Food was great, service was very good, Shikai served us well. There is a small play area for kids.
David AngDavid Ang
13:01 31 Dec 23
Food is nice, service is good, price is on the high side, spent $100+ for 2 pax...
Alicious iNkAlicious iNk
16:28 25 Dec 23
Deliciout hot pot with good service. Open until 3 am.
C. L.C. L.
09:49 25 Dec 23
K NeoK Neo
16:45 24 Dec 23
Qing Yuan TanQing Yuan Tan
08:06 22 Dec 23
Had hotpot here last night with my colleagues. Food was great like any other hotpot places but what really stood out was the level of service they provided. The staff that was serving our table was really attentive throughout our meal and made the experience very enjoyable.
Doris GohDoris Goh
14:21 17 Dec 23
Collagen soup is very tasty and will come back again
Jesmin ChanJesmin Chan
13:04 17 Dec 23
michelle huimichelle hui
12:27 17 Dec 23
I like the environment and service
10:22 17 Dec 23
Le ChungLe Chung
08:37 17 Dec 23
Fresh ingredients, first-class service,
Peter ChuaPeter Chua
06:12 10 Dec 23
The service staff (Nancy huang) is very helpful and attentive to the needs of the customers.Thumb ups for the somerset outlet.
10:06 08 Dec 23
Forced to order 4 soups.
13:05 06 Dec 23
November 2023 Review 1 word to describe this outlet experience. Good....But can be even better ! I went to the other outlet at Nex. The atmosphere is better and their lights are bright enough ! Food came fast enough and service was alittle bit disappointed but overall still good. Soup is okay ...However pricing is not cheap. 4 out of 5 stars for this outlet at Centre Point
Gaius LeongGaius Leong
07:06 06 Dec 23
Mala spicy nourishing broth was bad. Jewel changi's outlet is still the best this far.Noisy group of ladies screaming at the table adjacent. Staff didn't care or manage. Food came really slow for a Friday night.
Shanice ChanShanice Chan
15:01 05 Dec 23
Had my birthday celebration here! Was surprised with a cake!
Xian Qing (Ana)Xian Qing (Ana)
08:56 05 Dec 23
richard liewrichard liew
11:10 02 Dec 23
songyao gohsongyao goh
17:53 26 Nov 23
FOR CUSTOMER LOOKING TO PATRONISE AND EAT AT BEAUTY IN THE POT, PLEASE SCROLL TO THE END FOR SUMMARY.Context: Went for a family get together and dinner at Beauty In The Pot at centrepoint between 7.30pm to 9.15pm on 25 Nov 2023Experience: Beauty In The Pot has always given me a decent experience. Food is consistent across most outlets and servers are generally responsive and accommodating. However, it's unfortunate that it was a pretty bad experience for me and my family when we visited the Centrepoint outlet. Some key pointers to note were:(i) The sauce and sides counter was often out of the key ingredients and sides (I.e. out of coriander, spring onions and black fungus with black vignette). Had to specifically tell the service crew a few times before it got replenished. For the black fungus, it was never replenished during my entire stay.(ii) One of the female service crew was pretty rude when my parents requested for warm water towards the end of their meal.(iii) Service crew failed to follow up on request. We requested for the scum (layer of fatty dirt) to be removed. The same female service crew simply acknowledged and walked off without helping. We had to get another colleague to do it after 15 to 20mins later(iv) The last and final straw, we saw that the crew was busy and took the bill to the main counter to settle. We then proceeded to take a walk around the mall to digest our food before we walked past the store (a few times) as we make our way to the car park. At this moment we were stopped abruptly by one of the female service crew who asked if we had made payment. I showed my payment receipt and she was muttering about us not making payment and system did not capture the payment information. All this while she was rude and honestly left a bad impression. We went to the counter and understood from the male manager that it was a system error that the payment was not registered. We shared our feedback with the male manager on our overall dining experience and all we got was insincere response and apology.My thoughts: I understand the demands of F&B and therefore I can understand if service excellence may drop from time to time. It is understandable. What is not acceptable and understandable is when we as paying customers are being dragged back by one of the female service crew to the cashier to be accused of non payment in which the entire process was just rude. Male manager did not make it any better through his insincere responses and apology. And Beauty In The Pot, if I did not pay up, why would me and my family even stay in the mall and walk past your restaurant a few times?Conclusion: While food and soup base were good, customer service can be enhanced. Understandably it is a Saturday night but I do hope that management can relook at service crew training and also helping those service crew with additional headcounts. Last but not least, enhance your payment process/systems and look in incident resolution training. The root cause of this incident arises because of a system error in payment (as shared by the male manager) and the male manager looks ill equipped to resolve a problem; in this case an accusation of non payment against a customer who actually paid for the meal.Last words for the Management: Not matter how good your food is, service is always an important part of the customer experience and it can be the difference between a horrible and good experience. Take this as an opportunity to relook at internal ops and processes and use this to spur your outlet to improve and change. I am not sure if this will get through but I sincerely hope someone from Paradise Group or Beauty In The Pot can look into it.For other customers looking to eat here: If service is important for you and you have not tried Beauty In The Pot then consider other outlets for now. There are plenty of other outlets across the island for you to consider.Note: Ivy the outlet manager has reached out to apologise. She was sincere and maybe there is hope for the outlet....
Jia Shing ChinJia Shing Chin
17:26 26 Nov 23
14:26 26 Nov 23
The environment is beautiful, the family had a great time eating, the waiters were very attentive, especially Yujie was very friendly.
Melissa OngsoredjoMelissa Ongsoredjo
06:58 26 Nov 23
Staff service is very good 👍🏻👍🏻When paying, also let me know the latest deals using kris+Will come back for sure!
06:50 26 Nov 23
16:06 21 Nov 23
Of course hot pot is delicious, butThis store has seats overlooking the indoor pre-gras (must be requested at the time of reservation), so adults can enjoy a leisurely hot pot while the kids play.I'm also happy that the restrooms near the store have toilet seat covers for children.Mr. Chun, who was in charge of our table, was very fluent in Japanese and provided excellent customer service. (I almost had the illusion that this place was Japan.LOL)thank you very much!I will definitely visit you again soon ^_^
Star TanStar Tan
07:43 19 Nov 23
The service is commendable. The serving staff was attentive and would come over to assist and made sure we were okay with our food. The food was fresh, and the soup was tasty. Pleasant experience.
Hoodie foodieHoodie foodie
07:08 19 Nov 23
Earoel KennedyEaroel Kennedy
18:29 17 Nov 23
The collagen broth is a must try. The servers are good but they are definitely short staffed on a Friday night. It’s hard to get their attention at times.Their collagen broth is super! Great fresh food items as well.They offer free birthday cakes for those celebrating so another bonus point!
Leonardo dela CruzLeonardo dela Cruz
14:15 14 Nov 23
Very good place to have Shabu Shabu. Great tasting collagen base soup. Menu is great. And the perfect finisher a lime juice slushee to bring everything together.